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Moate Business College is a college of Further Education offering a range of Post Leaving Certificate courses.  On completion of the Irish Leaving Certificate (or its equivalent), students are entitled to apply to MBC for a place on one of its eighteen full time courses.  Our Level 5 courses are one year in duration and consist of a total of eight modules.  A Level 6 qualification, also a one-year programme, can be secured in a subsequent year on successful completion of a Level 5.  Our awarding body is Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) and all our qualifications are recognised among third level colleges in Ireland, the UK and abroad. and are also an accepted qualification among employers.  MBC has developed long-standing educational links with third level colleges in Ireland and in the UK, and has agreed a number of excellent bilateral arrangements with colleges.  We have also established excellent relationships with employers through work placement programmes and with respect to employment opportunities for students.

Students may apply for a Susi grant while studying in further education and learning support is available for those who require it, enabling all to achieve to their highest potential.  The opportunity to repeat Leaving Certificate maths is also possible should students need to do so.  Costs are low and affordable, allowing students the opportunity to assess their area of interest before progressing to third level or seeking employment, without investing heavily from a financial perspective.  Work placements and field trips are an integral part of our programmes, providing students with an invaluable chance to gain practical experience.  Moate Business College is also involved in the EU Erasmus + programme which enables students to carry out their work placement in other European countries.  The College also provides a student-focused career advice service, supporting students in their career planning for the future, and provides workshops, career talks and guest speakers from industry and third level institutions.

Moate Business College supports students in bridging the gap between their Leaving Certificate and third level.  Further education should be seen as a place of transition, where students can take time and have the opportunity to mature both academically and personally, allowing them to make better future decisions and preparing them for the world of third level or employment.  Students wishing to upskill or who wish to return to education as a mature student will also benefit greatly by the qualifications and experience offered to them through further education.

Moate Business College will offer students a quality educational experience where there are a variety of excellent programmes on offer, from a supportive and dedicated staff, allowing them the chance to move forward in the world of work and education with confidence and skill.

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